FAQs – Smokers Cove Shop


What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is a device, similar to an electronic cigarette, that runs on batteries to generate a vapor. This device does not produce smoke, tar, or odor.


Is it more expensive than traditional smokes? 

The initial expense may be more expensive, but over the long-run a vaporizer is less expensive than buying smokes.


Does using a vaporizer feel just like traditional smokes?

Depending on the vaporizer size/look it may feel like a traditional cigarette, although inhaling though a vaporizer may feel very different.


What nicotine level should I start at?

We typically have three different nicotine levels to choose from when ordering our e-liquid. Although nicotine level is complete preference, we recommend at starting at 6mg and working your way down. The lower the nicotine, the smoother the smoke.


What is in the liquid I inhale?

We can't say for all brands but typically water, flavoring, nicotine, VG and PG.


Should I leave my battery charging overnight?

In order to maximize the life span of your vaporizer we highly recommend removing the vaporizer from the outlet as soon as it is fully charged.